You can sponsor a specimen with a significant cumulative monetary donation or a pledge unless the donation involves other recognition, such as member recognition or named case or endowment. Normally, such monetary donation or pledge will be at least $2,000. Your name (or designee) will be attached to this specimen in the museum catalog and when on exhibit. This recognition continues as long as the specimen remains in the collection. The principal curatorial professional selects an appropriate specimen for the sponsor based on several criteria such as size of gift, interests, if any, of the donor, and availability of specimens to sponsor.

Please contact us if you have questions on sponsoring specimens.

Millerite with calcite, Wallace Stone Quarry, Bayport, Michigan (DM31178) sponsored by the Symanns Family. Specimen 7 cm wide. Fine fibrous millerite with calcite crystals in limestone. Photo by C. Stefano.