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Detectors can be rented on site without reservation assuming they are available.

The A. E. Seaman Mineral Museum offers a limited number of Bounty Hunter® metal detectors for rent.

Minimum of 24 hour rental period except for rentals originating on Saturday which must be for 2 days as the museum is closed on Sunday. There is a one hour grace period automatically included for rental return. You may be charged more for your rental if you do not return it on time. Remember there may be someone else waiting on you to return it.

There is a discount for 2 or more days of rental as shown below.

As part of your rental, each metal detector you rent comes with a fresh set of batteries just in case the ones in your unit run out of power. We expect you to return fresh batteries and used ones too as we recycle them. Rental includes operating manual for the metal detector units you rent. With each metal detector rented we will “rent” you a digging tool at no extra charge.

You must provide a rental deposit for each unit rented as per Rental Agreement (Metal Detector Rental Agreement July 2019 ).

Terms and Conditions of the rental are listed on the Rental Agreement.

You can call to reserve a metal detector (906-487-1182). Cost of rental and deposit amount must be provided to hold your reservation. You can cancel your reservation up to 24 hours before your rental for full refund. Normally no refunds for last minute cancellation.

Metal Detector Rental Cost Schedule Effective July 5, 2019

                         Number of Days   1               2              3+

Tracker IV Metal Detector          $15          $13            $11

VLF Treasure Detector                  $9             $8             $7

Pin Pointer                                      $5             $4             $3

                                                   Cost Per Day

About the Available Metal Detectors  

The Bounty Hunter® Tracker IV metal detector is an intermediate level metal detector. The unit is idea for adults and young adults. It features 3 operating modes with two of them for discriminating different types of metals. Discrimination allows some degree of elimination of a signal from unwanted items. The padded and cushioned armrest, handgrip S-rod handle and adjustable detector arm make the unit comfortable to operate.  The electronics automatically balances for different types of ground conditions. The operating manual is easy to read and provides detecting tip. Museum staff will provide a brief demonstration depending on availability.

The Bounty Hunter® VLF treasure detector is a good starter metal detector for children 9 and up and young adults although adults can enjoy using it too.  This motion metal detector has all metal and discrimination modes. The detector arm is adjustable. The electronics automatically balances for different types of ground conditions. In comparison, the Tracker IV detects smaller and deep metal objects.

The Bounty Hunter® Pin Pointer is a handheld, wand metal detector. If you would rather sit in once place and dig, the Pin Pointer allows you to test the materials you are digging for metals. Since the materials are often coated with mud you may not visually see that they contain copper. The Pin Pointer can be paired with a traditional style metal detector since once you have located a target the wand provides a much quicker way to test your material instead of using the coil of the traditional metal detector.

The museum is a distributor of the entire line of Bounty Hunter® metal detectors and can order one for you. Call us to discuss ordering and pricing.