We are dedicated to inspiring and educating people about the beauty, science, and importance of minerals through our collections, exhibits, programs, and research; and to curate our world-class collections for the benefit of present and future generations.


We look to be the top mineral museum in its class, attracting tourists, students, mineral collectors, and scientists, fostering a greater sense of awe and nurturing increased understanding of the wonders of mineral kingdom. It is our desire that visitors respond to the museum saying “Wow!”, and readily encouraging others to visit.

The A. E. Seaman Mineral Museum actively seeks to enhance its collections and to continually improve its exhibits and programs that inspire and educate people about minerals and their relevance to society.

  • We will pursue greater exposure and impact through our collections, exhibits, publications, scholarly activities, collaborations, and outreach.
  • We will promote our stature as the premier mineral museum of the Great Lakes region and the official mineral museum of the State of Michigan.
  • We strive to be nationally and internationally recognized in support of Michigan Tech's mission, vision, and goals.


  • The vitality, value, and stature of the museum is linked both to the quality of its collection as well as to the integrity, passion, commitment, and creativity of its people.
  • We are temporary stewards of our collections, as well as the time and resources we have been afforded by our patrons, donors and the university, to advance our mission.
  • We are committed to being a highly rewarding and desirable place to work, and a welcoming and accessible place to visit.