The University of Michigan's mineral collection was established in 1838, one year after statehood for Michigan and moving of the University of Michigan to Ann Arbor (the University of Michigan was founded in 1817). The collection is part of the long and distinguished history of mineralogical research at the University of Michigan. This significant collection includes 1500 noteworthy specimens. The University of Michigan mineral collection moved in 2015 and is now housed and managed by the A. E. Seaman Mineral Museum of Michigan Tech under the Michigan Mineral Alliance which preserves the legacy of the University of Michigan mineral collection and ensures that the collection gets the attention it deserves. The history of the University of Michigan Mineral Collection was briefly described by Stefano, Erwin, and Ewing in the July/August 2013, volume 88 in the journal Rocks & Minerals

Copper, Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan. One of the largest and finest single copper crystals. Donated by L. L. Hubbard. Specimen 14.5 cm wide. Photo by C. Stefano. (UM4457)