The exhibit hall is organized to be visitor friendly. Many people first begin to truly appreciate minerals because of their natural beauty and thus, the Beauty of Minerals gallery is adjacent to the entrance into the Thomas D. Shaffner Hall. We want everyone who visits to get the opportunity to see our most significant subcollection of minerals from the local area, so the Michigan Copper gallery is near the entrance too. The museum thematic group, Minerals of the Great Lakes Region, continues with Lake Superior Iron and Michigan Basin—Center of the Great Lakes Region galleries. The exhibit hall features the largest public display of minerals from the Great Lakes region. You will see minerals from around the world too, especially in the Worldwide Systematic gallery. Processes that Form Minerals are covered by Cool Water, Hot Water, Magmatic, and Alteration galleries. Minerals and their importance in your everyday life is the focus of the Minerals and You gallery. There is a lot to enjoy!

Exhibit Hall Map