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Mission and Vision


We conserve and develop our collection to educate people about minerals. 


The A. E. Seaman Mineral Museum strives to be recognized nationally and internationally for its mineral collection and its exhibits. We will actively and conscientiously seek to enhance the quality, depth, and breadth of the collection. Our exhibits will be continually improved to educate people about minerals and their relevance to society. The museum will demonstrate its stature as the premier mineral museum of the Great Lakes region and the officially designated mineral museum of the State of Michigan. The museum will support Michigan Tech's mission, vision, and goals to be an internationally recognized technological university. Success will be measured by the reputation of the museum, its collection and by the impact of its exhibits. 

Goal 1—Enhance the quality, usefulness, and value of the mineral collection

1.1 actively acquire high quality specimens for the collection through donations, purchase, and exchange that improve the quality, depth, and breadth of the collection.

1.2 deaccession inferior or redundant specimens to facilitate the acquisition of more useful specimens.

1.3 properly conserve collection objects and their associated documentation to preserve and assure their usefulness for future generations.

1.4 maintain an emphasis in the collection on the Great Lakes region while expanding worldwide coverage.

Goal 2—Continually improve the educational content and public experience of museum exhibits

2.1 improve educational and public experience by continual improvement of the graphic and text content of exhibits.

2.2 create and install galleries and exhibits that support existing themes.

2.3 improve thematic flow of the exhibits. 

2.4 include educational content that is diverse and consistent with a variety of learning styles.

Goal 3—Enhancing the museum’s reputation 

3.1 continue to improve the collection.

3.2 create educational exhibits that are new and unique. 

3.3 maintain an active presence in the professional and popular published mineralogical and geological literature.

3.4 provide temporary exhibits at mineral shows of regional, national and international stature.

3.5 provide satellite exhibits at remote locations.

3.6 develop public awareness through the museum’s website and museum sponsored events.

Goal 4—Support MichiganTech

4.1 provide a rich stimulating, aesthetically pleasing, and welcoming educational and cultural environment in the museum that demonstrates the high quality of Michigan Tech.

4.2 support the educational and outreach activities of Michigan Tech.

4.3 strive to increase the reputation of the museum. 

4.4 develop museum financial resources that insure a sustainable self-sufficiency.