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Learn More About MInerals—Extensive information about minerals and their localities. Largest mineralogical database on the web as well as mineral photographs.—Abundant information about the uses of minerals and their importance in your everyday life. & Minerals magazine is one of the top journals in specimen mineralogy.—The Mineralogical Record is one of the top journals in specimen mineralogy.—Smithsonian Institution Mineral Sciences website. The National mineral and gem collection is one of the top mineral collections in the world.—The Harvard Mineralogical & Geological Museum is one of the oldest and best university mineral collections in the USA.—The American Museum of Natural History is one of America’s great mineral collections.



The links provided here are intended as an initial gateway to learning more about minerals. There are many more websites that contain accurate information about minerals. In fact the amount of information is overwhelming! A quick search for “native copper mineral” or “azurite” yields over 500,000 results.