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Michigan Minerals

Michigan lies at the center of the Great Lakes basin and the diversity of minerals found in Michigan encompasses most of that found in the basin as a whole. Former A. E. Seaman Mineral Museum Curator George Robinson updated and revised the Mineralogy of Michigan by E. W. Heinrich, which was published by the museum in 2004 and is available in the online store.  The book contains 36 pages of discussion of the setting of Michigan minerals only available in the hard copy and an extensive index. The book also lists multiple unidentified mineral species not in the list below.

Provided here are the separate PDF files for each of the different minerals listed in the book as well as a subsequent update when applicable. The references cited in these entries are provided for the alphabetical listing of minerals found in Michigan.


These PDF files may be downloaded to learn more about each of the different minerals listed in Mineralogy of Michigan, as well as subsequent update when applicable.

Note to User: A PDF may have information that applies to two names of a mineral and when there is a second name in parentheses (  ) there is only one PDF for both names. If the mineral has a parentheses (see also . . . ) the user should also refer to the separate PDF for additional applicable information.  

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When visitors first lay eyes on the varied and beautiful specimens in our collection, some will ask, “What is a mineral?” A mineral is an element or chemical compound that is normally crystalline and which has been formed as a result of geological processes (International Mineralogical Association).